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Young Inventors

STEM Box - Hydraulic Lift Toy

STEM Box - Hydraulic Lift Toy

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Elevate your child's understanding of science with our DIY Hydraulic Lift kit! Dive deep into the mechanics of fluid power and witness firsthand how simple liquids can move heavy objects.

Difficulty: 2/5
Time: 25 min.

How It Works:
The Hydraulic Lift kit exemplifies the principle of Pascal's law. By applying pressure on one end of a confined liquid (in this case, water or colored fluid), that same pressure is transmitted undiminished throughout the liquid, leading to a lifting motion on the other end. In essence, a small force can lift a significantly larger weight!

- Two syringes (acting as the hydraulic pistons)
- Plastic tubing
- Lift platform
- Base stand
- Connectors and weights
- Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide

Educational Value:
This isn't just play; it's a physics lesson in action! The hydraulic lift kit offers insights into the world of fluid mechanics, a crucial component in many real-world machines from car brakes to construction cranes. It teaches children about force, pressure, and the conservation of energy in a tangible way.

Safety Assurance:
Child safety is our top priority. The materials used are durable and non-toxic, ensuring a safe and enduring learning experience. The kit is designed to operate under low pressure, ensuring that even when the unexpected happens, there's minimal risk.

Perfect for young engineers aged 8-14, this kit is more than just a toy. It's a journey of discovery, allowing kids to grapple with real-world engineering concepts in a safe and fun environment.

For best results, use water for the hydraulic action.

Unlock the power of fluid mechanics and watch as your child lifts their knowledge to new heights. With YoungInventors' DIY Hydraulic Lift kit, every push plunges them deeper into the fascinating world of STEM!
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Customer Reviews

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Good quality

YoungInventors STEM boxes have become a favorite in our household! My 10-year-old daughter loves the hands-on experiments and I love that she's learning critical thinking skills. And their recycling initiative is such a great idea - teaching responsibility alongside science.