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Young Inventors

STEM Box - DIY Vacuum Cleaner Kit

STEM Box - DIY Vacuum Cleaner Kit

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Unveil the captivating science behind everyday cleaning with our DIY Vacuum Cleaner kit! This enthralling set lets young inventors craft their very own working vacuum cleaner while delving into aerodynamics and suction mechanics.

Difficulty: 3/5
Time: 35 min.

How It Works:
At its core, our vacuum cleaner operates on a simple principle: creating an area of low pressure that sucks in air (along with small particles) from its surroundings. Once assembled, kids can activate the fan motor, which expels air out of the system, causing the surrounding air (and debris) to be drawn in, mimicking the action of a real vacuum cleaner!

- Mini electric fan motor
- Plastic chamber (dust collection)
- Filter mesh
- On/off switch
- Battery holder and connectors
- Detailed Assembly Manual

Educational Value:
More than just a fun DIY activity, this kit serves as a doorway into the realms of physics and engineering. It elucidates concepts like air pressure differentials, aerodynamics, and the role of filtration, all pivotal in numerous modern-day technologies beyond just vacuum cleaners.

Safety Assurance:
Ensuring a safe learning experience, all components have been rigorously tested and adhere to child-safety standards. The electric fan motor operates at a low voltage, and the sturdy design prevents any small parts from being easily ingested.

Tailored for budding scientists between the ages of 8-14, this hands-on kit promises hours of constructive fun. Kids won't just build a toy; they'll grasp the science that powers one of the most common household devices.

Uses two AA batteries (included).

Embark on a whirlwind journey of discovery and innovation. With YoungInventors' DIY Vacuum Cleaner kit, the wonders of aerodynamics are but a switch away, turning chores into a captivating science experiment!

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Customer Reviews

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The toy is well made, the wood is not thin. The video that came with the toy is good, but can be improved. The quiz was a nice touch, made it competitive, as my son was quizzing me and was very happy when I didn’t know the answer.