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DIY STEM Box - Hydraulic Excavator Kit

DIY STEM Box - Hydraulic Excavator Kit

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Dig into the realm of science with our interactive DIY Hydraulic Excavator kit! This dynamic set empowers young minds to construct a functional excavator model, simulating the power and precision of real-world hydraulic systems.

Difficulty: 4/5
Time: 40 min.

How It Works:
The essence of the hydraulic excavator lies in the application of Pascal's principle. As force is exerted on one syringe filled with fluid, it transmits that pressure through connected tubes to activate other syringes, thus moving the excavator's arm and bucket. The result? A powerful digging action powered solely by liquid force!

- Multiple syringes (acting as hydraulic pistons)
- Flexible plastic tubing
- Excavator frame with movable arm and bucket
- Sturdy base platform
- Connectors and pivot points
- Comprehensive Assembly Guidebook

Educational Value:
This kit isn't merely about building; it's about understanding. As kids assemble and operate the excavator, they delve into concepts of fluid dynamics, force multiplication, and mechanical advantage. It's a firsthand experience of how large-scale machines, like real excavators, harness the power of hydraulics.

Safety Assurance:
Safety is paramount. All components are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials. The design ensures that there are no sharp edges, and the hydraulic system is calibrated for gentle movements, minimizing any risk during operation.

Designed for aspiring engineers aged 8-14, the DIY Hydraulic Excavator kit is more than a toy—it's a voyage into the engineering wonders that shape our world. Through hands-on assembly and play, it fosters both analytical skills and creativity.

For optimum functionality, fill syringes with water.

Journey into the mechanics of moving earth and stones. With YoungInventors' DIY Hydraulic Excavator kit, every scoop and swivel unravels the mysteries of hydraulics, making complex science child's play!

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Customer Reviews

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Timur Babaec
Amazing toy, I Love it!!!

Recently I have bought couple of toys from you, I’ve never seen my kid so involved in playing and trying to figure out how to build them. Amazing store thank you for your work! Love you🖤🖤🖤


Got this kit for my kid and she's OBSESSED! 💦🚜 Assembly was a breeze and seeing that little digger move using just water? Mind-blown 🤯. Major props to YoungInventors for making learning this cool. 10/10, would buy again!