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Young Inventors

STEM Box - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

STEM Box - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Introducing the basic magic behind every robot vacuum cleaner! The YoungInventors Simplified Toy Robot Vacuum provides a hands-on peek into the rudimentary mechanisms of automated cleaning without the high-tech fuss.

Difficulty: 3/5
Time: 30 min.

How It Works:
With a straightforward assembly, this toy vacuum operates on a basic motor driving its movement and a fan creating suction. Watch as it traverses surfaces, simulating the vacuum action, making science tangible for young minds.

- 1 Toy Vacuum Chassis
- Simple Motor Assembly
- Fan Unit for Suction
- Illustrated Assembly Guide

Educational Value:
Dive into the foundational principles behind mechanical movement and suction. This toy doesn’t just "mimic" a robot vacuum's motion; it educates about the core mechanics behind many household appliances.

Safety Assurance:
Crafted with the safety of young inventors in mind, our simplified robot vacuum uses durable, child-safe materials and has surpassed rigorous safety tests.

Get a real feel for mechanics! Watch your assembled robot vacuum move and “clean” with pure mechanical action, igniting a passion for understanding everyday gadgets around us.

Perfect for young engineers aged 8 and up. While it's a simple version, the fun and learning derived are immeasurable. Dive into mechanics with YoungInventors!

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