Box 4: Hydraulic Excavator Quiz

1. Which part of the excavator is responsible for its digging action? 

A) The cab
B) The undercarriage
C) The bucket
D) The tail swing

2. What powers most modern excavators? 

A) Wind energy
B) Solar panels
C) Hydraulic fluid systems
D) Manual hand cranks

3. Which part of the excavator does the operator sit in? 

A) The bucket
B) The stick
C) The cab
D) The tracks

4. Which part of an excavator extends outward and carries the bucket? 

A) Arm
B) Track
C) Cab
D) Stick

5. What is an advantage of using a hydraulic excavator? 

A) No noise
B) High digging power
C) Lightweight
D) Slow movement 



1. Correct Answer: C) The bucket
2. Correct Answer: C) Hydraulic fluid systems
3. Correct Answer: C) The cab
4. Correct Answer: A) Arm
5. Correct Answer: B) High digging power
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