The Best STEM Resources for Young Learners

The Best STEM Resources for Young Learners

STEM education is crucial for developing critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in young learners. With a plethora of resources available, it can be overwhelming for parents to choose the right ones. Here, we compile a list of the best STEM resources, including apps, websites, and books, that align with the philosophy of Young Inventors, offering engaging and educational content for young STEM enthusiasts.

Educational Apps

  1. Tynker: An intuitive app for introducing kids to coding. It uses visual code blocks to teach programming concepts, making it accessible and fun for beginners.
  2. DragonBox Series: A collection of apps covering various STEM subjects, including algebra and geometry, in a game-like environment that's both fun and educational.
  3. Kodable: Designed for children aged 4-11, this app teaches the basics of programming through engaging games and challenges.
  4. Hopscotch: An app where kids can learn to code and make their own games and animations. It's a great platform for creativity and understanding the basics of programming logic.


  1. Khan Academy: Offers free courses on a variety of subjects, including basic to advanced mathematics, computer programming, and science topics.
  2. NASA Kids' Club: An interactive way to learn about space and NASA's missions. It’s filled with games and information that make learning about space fun and accessible.
  3. National Geographic Kids: A great resource for learning about science, geography, and the natural world through games, videos, and articles.
  4. Scratch: Developed by MIT, Scratch allows children to create their own games and stories through coding, fostering creativity and computational thinking.


  1. "Hello Ruby: Adventures in Coding" by Linda Liukas: This book introduces coding through the story of Ruby, making it a perfect resource for young children to start learning programming concepts.
  2. "The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book" by Tom Robinson: Packed with simple and fun experiments that can be done at home, this book covers a wide range of scientific principles.
  3. "National Geographic Kids Brain Games": A book filled with challenging puzzles and activities designed to give young brains a workout.
  4. "Rosie Revere, Engineer" by Andrea Beaty: A beautifully illustrated book that inspires children, especially girls, to pursue their interests in engineering and inventing.

Subscriptions and Kits

  1. Young Inventors Subscription Boxes: These boxes provide hands-on experiments and projects related to various STEM topics, encouraging learning through doing.
  2. KiwiCo Crates: Tailored for different age groups, these crates offer science and art projects that inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.
  3. Little Passports Science Expeditions: These kits take children on science adventures, offering hands-on activities and experiments in a fun and engaging way.

Additional Resources

  1. A non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools. It provides free coding lessons and activities for students.
  2. Science Buddies: Offers a wealth of free science fair projects, STEM activities, and detailed guides to help children explore various scientific topics.
  3. BrainPOP: Features animated educational videos across a wide range of subjects, including STEM, making learning fun and engaging.


Equipping young learners with the right STEM resources can significantly enhance their curiosity and passion for learning. From interactive apps and informative websites to inspiring books and hands-on subscription kits, there is a wealth of resources available. Young Inventors is committed to contributing to this rich ecosystem with its innovative and educational products, ensuring that learning STEM is both fun and impactful.

For more information on Young Inventors’ range of products and additional resources, visit our website. Let’s nurture the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators!

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